Kyson Teo | Bisikan Monsoon by Kwang-Tung Dance Company

Bisikan Monsoon

Where the story begins from the South;
The story of the wind. Their stories. Our stories.

Organized By:
The Sel & KL Kwang Tung Association Youth Section

Presented By:
Kwang Tung Dance Company, Orang Orang Drum Theatre & Gideon Alu8khan Chen.

<Bisikan Monsoon> Dance Theatre:
As time passes, important events and histories shared by a century of people are slowly forgotten by the new generations. What time could not wipe away though is the collective memories that the communities have.

This performance will include theatre, dance and music, attempting to recall the bits and pieces of the Nanyang Chinese, recalling an era through performing arts.

Our ancestors risked their everything and sailed to Malaysia, the story will create a link in between of the two countries. This time, we will be presenting the story using our generation’s viewpoints...

Show Date & Time:
27/4/2018 - 8.30pm
28/4/2018 - 8.30pm
29/4/2018 - 3pm

Pentas 1, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre

Artistic & Production Team:
Producer: Amy Len
Director / Music Composition / Playwright: Chang Wei Loy
Playwright / Copywriter: Mato Tytee
Music Composition: Orang Orang Drum Theatre & Gideon Alu8khan Chen
Choreographers: Amy Len & dancers (Kyson Teo)
Visual artist: Fairuz Sulaiman
Lighting Designer: Low Shee Hoe
Costume designer: Tan Meng Chit & HASSOU NEO by Quito Neng & Jackyln Tan
Stage Manager: Jaslyn Niow
Graphic Design: Cocoa Design
Partner: Checkmate Creative

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