Kyson Teo | Dancing at No. 26

Dancing at No. 26

The door number No.26 is where the current Textile & Piece Good Merchants Association of Batu Pahat located. The interior of the association has remained since then, as if time has stopped in the 70s-80s. This nostalgic place is now dormitory for the travelers, and is also a mahjong parlour. But it is now slowly forgotten in the midst of the city development.

This is a site-specific performance, where the artists and the audience will spend an evening together, blurring out the roles of the performers and the audience. There is no designated seats for the audience, but the usual setup of the mahjong tables, as well as the furniture that have always been there. The audience can choose where they want to watch the performance, and are free to give their immediate feedback to the performance too. The space itself is the inspiration for the performers, where they can interpret their imaginations in dance, leading the audience from a layer of space to the next one.

The content of the performance is not related to the history of the association, it is a mere sharing of the space and the nostalgia in the moment. The space may be left empty most of the time, but there are some sentiments that should still be kept and revisit.

Date & Time:
26/4/2019 (Fri) 8pm
27/4/2019 (Sat) 8pm

Textile & Piece Good Merchants Association (Upstairs of One Way)
26A, Jalan Idrus, Batu Pahat, Johor.

Production Team:
Artistic Director: Kyson Teo
Production Director: Ng Teck Chuan
Administrative Director: Huan Din Jee
Technical Director: Chua Jia Xiang
Video Production: Lim Dar Di
Photography/Poster: Lim Rui Hao
Choreographers/Dancers: Kyson Teo, Tan Bee Hung

Hosted By:

Co-organised By:
Batugetheatre, Kyson Teo

Special Thanks To:
The Selangor & KL Kwang Tung Association Youth Section

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